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Is bad bookkeeping hurting

your firm?


Direct Costs

As a Public Accountant, you know how bad bookkeeping kills your year-end productivity, blows up your WIP, and hurts your profit margins. 


This adds frustration and headaches at a time of year when you’re already stretched thin. 

Indirect Costs

Bad bookkeeping also increases the risk something important gets missed. 


Too often, what’s missed is the time and energy necessary to uncover opportunities for providing valuable advisory services. 


Solving your clients’ most complex financial problems is the best way to avoid being viewed as “just another accountant”.  It is also a great way to capitalize on your technical expertise, since your clients are happy to pay the higher rates you charge for these unique solutions. 

Decrease your workload.

Increase your profit margin.

Accounting firms refer clients to Pristine Ledgers when bookkeeping isn’t their core competency.

We specialize in providing ongoing bookkeeping services and technological solutions that makes it easier for our clients to run successful businesses.  These modern tools and powerful processes ensure we deliver fully documented financials on time, every time. 


Accounting firms love us because we help them turn files around faster, with fewer adjustments, and none of that productivity killing back-and-forth.   Referring clients to Pristine Ledgers, lets them focus more time and energy towards providing value to their clients. 

The bookkeepers

accountants trust with their clients

Yes, our practice is managed by a CPA but, no, we won’t compete with you. 

Pristine Ledgers does not provide any income tax preparation, tax advisory, or assurance services. 

However, we will use our solid knowledge of Canadian taxes and related fields to highlight areas of potential concern or those opportunities that your client may otherwise have missed.  By actively presenting you with these opportunities to serve your clients’ more complex needs, we help you deliver more valuable advisory work.  Ultimately, this provides your clients with better results, directly helps your profitability, and reinforces your relationship as their most trusted financial advisor.

Could your clients benefit from expert bookkeeping?

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